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Keith Ti3052 Titanium Water Bottle Outdoor Sport Cycling Camping Hiking 700ml


Product description:


Brand: Keith

Item: Ti52(Ti3052)  

Material: Pure Titanium & Food Grade Silicone & Tritan

Surface: Sandblasting

Dimensions: (D)70x(H)267mm  


Weight: 127g  


Capacity: 700ml


Country of Origin : China 



What is titanium?

Titanium is almost the only thing in the world completely non-toxic to human body,it is the toop aerospace materials that able to adapt to the harsh conditions of outer space, but also can be safely implanted in the body become a part of the body of medical equipment timber.

Titanium character

Research shows, the most of consumers think that titanium feels closer and same as the Land Rover luxury SUV gives us a sense of security,quality and sense of luxury.At the same time , its tough,stability and reliability also same as SUV.


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