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FIRE-MAPLE Turbo FMS-F5 Remote Fuel Stove /w Oil Pump & Oil Bottle

FIRE-MAPLE Turbo FMS-F5 Remote Fuel Stove

One of the lightest fuel stove,your wonderful choice for big expedition,thru-
hiking and hiking. 
Folded stove is so cute that easy to carry and store in backpack. 
Simple and simple construction benefit you from hardly breakage. 
The same to F3 Engine,you can regulate the oil flow narrowly by the valve,
getting rid of the weakness of fuel stove before. Integrated oil pump,so hard 
that Vortex can stand your numerous brutal use. However, We do believe you 
will love it.



Name: Vortex Stove 
Size: Ø178x84mm(Ø 80×84.5mm )
Weight:stove-179.5g,oil pump-47.7g,oil bottle-91.1g 
Power: 3200W

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