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Fire maple product feast Outdoor camping picnic cooking pot Thicken the large capacity nonstick skillet Hanging pot


Item Description

Brand: Fire-maple
Item: Feast Cooking pot
Size: 230*253mm
Capacity: 3L
Material: Aluminum alloy
Net Weight: ~1140g
Product Description:

Make the most delicious sweet rice for outdoors, uniform heating cooking pot wall more thick incense, non-stick coating makes it very easy to find the cleaning work. Suitable for family get behind.

1, 2.7 mm thick pot body and the lid, rice more fully heated evenly absorb water, cooked rice full and smooth;

2, health and safety of non-stick coating, rice is not easy to anxious burnt, and convenient cleaning;

3, solid stainless steel handle, outdoor use more comfortable.

4, suitable for 4-6 people.


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