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FIRE-MAPLE Hornet FMS-300T Micro Stove

FIRE-MAPLE Hornet FMS-300T Mini-Stove

Ultra-light: the lightest camping stove in the world, only weight 45g. 
Small size: folded volume equals a lipstick. 
Strong Power: 2800W 
Powerful support: High strength Titanium alloy ensure the powerful support.
Smart design,concise construction and top class material,these elements gathered and
connected, building the lightest Hornet FMS-300T. 
Going through all kinds of adversity, Hornet FMS-300T won so many people`s love 
and favor. It is born for UL, 
It is born for the brave heart, 
It is born for extreme.



Name: Hornet Micro Stove
Size: Ø85x68.5mm(Ø37x52mm)
Weight: 45g 
Material: Titanium alloy, Aluminium, copper 
Scope: Extreme Exploration

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