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Fire Maple FMT-837 Free Shipping 3 Lots Cutlery Sets Portable Tableware Outdoor Camping Chopsticks/Spoon/Fork 65g


roduct Description

Brand: Fire Maple
Model: FMT-837
Name: Three-piece Set Short Version
Folding Chopsticks: 122×7mm 24g
Spoon: 132×37mm  18g
Fork: 132×37mm 16g
Net Weight: 68g
Suitable: Outdoor
Scope: Every environments
Product Describe:
1.Suitable for daily and outdoor portable individual set tableware .
2.Made of 304 stainless steel(medical grade) and safe.
    1 × Folding Chopsticks
    1 × Spoon
    1 × Fork
    1 × Mesh Bag