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FIRE-MAPLE FMS-X2 Compact One-Piece Camping Stove Heat Exchanger Pot

APLE FMS-X2 Compact One-Piece Camping Stove Heat Exchanger Pot

Star2 ,outdoor cooking system, suitable for Extreme Explore. It equals to a large volume cup that can hold standard 230g Gas Tnk, Cartridge Stand and efficient Gas Stove equipped with piezoelectric system can use more convenient.
Star 2,with heat exchange on the bottom of pot,it can enhance the heat efficiently,the pot come with a heat protection cover and it prevents heat from getting out.Thefixed lock handle is easy to hold.
Star 2, with and independent and foldable pot holder,which is suitable for various cookers.
It will not come with a gas cansiter/gas cylinder /gas tank.



Open: ǿ254mmx265mm
Folded: ǿ133mmx205mm
1L Boiling water: 3’05”
Suitable: Hiking,Camping Cooking ,Extreme Outdoor Activities 
Material :  Stainless Steel,Brass,Aluminum&Silicon


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