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Fire Maple FMC-K7 Portable Aluminum Alloy Pot Sets Outdoor Cookware 2-4 Persons Cooking 710g

Product Description

Product Parameters:
Big Pot: 170×92mm
Small Pot: 136×78mm
Big Fry Pan: 180×46mm
Small Fry Pan: 152×43mm
Net Weight: 710g
Scope: Extreme Exploration
4 × Bowls
1 × Spoon
1 × Scoop
1 × String Bag


1.A set without worry including utensils covers general activities without compromising on weight for mobility.
2.Nested design compacting the entire set into one.
3.Practically designed both pan can be dual used as lid when needed.
4.Made of layered hard-anodized alloy featuring with easy clean,abrasion resistant & durability.
5.Precisely constructed assuring every parts dependable.
6.Every utensil comes with fold-away insulated handle.
7.Experience joyful outdoor cooking.



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