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Fire Maple FMC-203 1-2 Persons Camping Cooking Set Pot Camp Cookware Picnic Outdoor Cutlery Only 719g


Product Description:

Name: Camping jacketed kettle
Brand: Fire Maple
Model: FMC-203
Color: The same as picture
Frying pan Size:Φ155x37mm
Pannikin Size:Φ150x80mm
Weight : 420g
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Application: 1-2 people camping
Purpose: Outdoor Cooking Pot,Camping Cooking Pots Sets,Camping Food Cooker.
Product Description:
1 : Suitable for 2-3 people.
2 : The import of aluminum, advanced hard aluminum oxide , high temperature, friction ;
3 : spoon with PP material ; spoon , plastic bowl using melamine material, high hardness , high temperature.
Package included:
  1 x Frying pan
  1 x Pannikin
   2 x Bowls
  1 x Tablespoon
  1 x Meal spoon
  1 x Scouring pad (White or Blue)
  1 x Storing Bag

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