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BRS-T15A Outdoor Camping Cookware Hiking Picnic Non-sticky Cooking Pot Sets Split Cooking Tool Set Windproof Gas Stove Furnace

BRS-Portable-Cooking-Pot-Pan-Sets-Cookware-Split-Windproof-Gas-Stove-Furnace-Outdoor-Picnic-Camping-Stove (1)



The pot and pan: Made of imported aluminum alloy, light and durable, high-strength, anti-deformation, anti-corrosion.

Non-toxic non-sticky  Korea ceramic coating on pot and pan, healthy and safe.

The stove: Made of high-strength aluminum alloy and stainless steel, small and exquisite appearance, and light weight.

With a formidable windproof disc, the stove can be used under windy conditions without any other wind shield.

Enclosed burning design: excellent heat efficiency and energy saving.

Foldable brackets: Used to bear objects on the stove, and can be folded to be placed in the pot; with slip mats under these brackets, stable and safe to use.



Material: Aluminum alloy & stainless steel

Fuel: Butane (not included)

Gas consumption: 106g/h

Combustion power: 1850W

Stove open size: 8.61 * 18.6cm/ 3.39 * 7.32in (H * D)

Stove folding size: 8.61 * 9.92cm/ 3.4 * 3.91in (H * D)

Stove weight: 310g / 10.93oz

Pot size: 11 * 13cm / 4.3 * 5.2in (H * D)

Pot capacity: 1200ml

Pan size: 6.75 * 13cm / 2.7 * 5.2in (H * D)

Pan capacity: 750ml

Package size: 20 * 15 * 15 / 7.87 * 5.91 * 5.91in

Package weight: 737g/ 25.98oz


Package List:

1 * Gas stove

1 * Pot

1 * Pan

2 * Bag


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