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BRS-53 Camping Stove outdoor Cooking Stove Portable Mountain Simple Gas Stove


Item Description

Brand: BRS
Type: BRS-53
Weight: 214g
Fuel: Butagas
Combustion power: 1940w
Gas Consumption:140g/h
Material: Stainless steel,copper
Ignition method: External fire source
Manner of Packing: Cloth bag,Carton Box
1.Open size is wide and folding size is so small,not only it can ensured used in field but also it can ensured usde in field but also it convenient to carry.
2.Big brazier design,heated evenly,strong power,low center of gravity,large base of support and stable.
3.Non-slip pad design,effectively solve the complex outdoor enviroment slip problem.
4.Pre-heating device can be applied to high altitude and low temperatrue environment.
5.It is suitable for many people blimbing,outdoor leisure and fishing.
Place of Origin:China


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