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BRS-5 portable mini mountain climbing hiking camping gas stove outdoor gas stove 94g


Item Description

Brand: BRS

Ttem: BRS-5  Portable Mountain-Climbing Stove

Fuel: Butane

Weigt: 94g

Folded Size: 80x57x48mm(Plastic box size)

Unfolded size: 90x75 mm

Material: high strength Mg-Al alloy and high temperatures resistance stainless Steel

Gas consumption: 140g/hour

Power: 1890W

Igniter: High-energy ceramic ignition

Suitable environment: cold environment

Purpose: Outdoor Cooking,Camping Cooking,Other Cooking Works.



1.All the seal rings used in this product are particularly made by our company, with good resilience, resistant to wear, aging, oil, and high temperature. Long service life is secured.


2. Simple construction, strong firepower, small size, light weight.

BRS-5 Portable Outdoor Picnic Camping Cooking Stove Mini Stainless Steel Gas Stove Split Type

BRS-5 Outdoor Picnic Camping Cooking Stove Stainless Steel Gas Stove Split Type


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