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BRS-3000T Ultra-light Outdoor Camping Stove Miniature Portable Titanium Gas Stove 25g


Brand: BRS
Item: BRS-3000T
Color: Silver
Weight: 25g
Open size: 85x68.5mm
Folding size: 37x52mm
Material: 60% titanium alloy,10% copper,20% stainless steel
Fuel: Butane gas
Power: 2700W
Gas consumption: 140g/h
Igniter: No
Purpose: Outdoor Cooking,Camping Cooking,Other outdoor activities
1.It is super light,only 25g.
2.It is high speed rotary flame and dashing.
3.The stove high efficiency energy saving 30%,fire uniform.
4.The stove powerful and portable.
Place of Origin: China



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