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Keith Ti3900 Titanium Tea Cup Camping Tea Cup Kettle Outdoor Tea Kettle 1000ml KA100

  • Product detail:
  • Brand: Keith
  • Item:Ti3900(KA100)
  • Material:Tianium
  • Surface:Titanium Original Colour
  • Dimensions:(D)180x(H)90mm,1 Teapot; 6 Cups; 1 Teabowl; 1 Double tea tureen set;1 Filter bravery;1tea tray.

  • Net Weight:~365g
  • Capacity:1000ml
  • Place Of Origin:China


1.Pure titanium,lightweight and stronger than steel.

2.Never rust,anti-corrosion from acid and alkali.

3.High resistance to extreme low and high temperature.

4.Good heat transfer performance.

5.Healthy,eco-friendly close to human body.

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